Friday, July 26, 2013

Alpine Outfitters X-Back Harnesses

Nice comment about our x-back harnesses from a customer!  

"I just wanted to take a minute to write to you with a not-complaint. I'm an amateur/recreational scooterer and skijorer, my dogs Maisy and Squash run in your x-back harnesses. 

Recently my dog Squash tweaked his lower back (doing something unrelated to mushing) and as part of his treatment he is seeing a chiropractor. One of the things she said was that a lot of dogs who do any kind of pulling (either mushing or weight pulling) have problems and need adjustment in the part of their back right behind the shoulders/withers but Squash's back in that area is really loose and normal with no compression or tightness. She attributed that to his harness and how well it keeps the weight/workload distributed to his chest rather than his back. 

So thank you for your great products and all your help in the past with getting my measurements right!"

We truly appreciate your feedback, thank you!

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