Friday, November 23, 2012

Pretty Sled Dogs Collars

Friday, February 24, 2012

Check out these collars. All 24 are ready to pack up and ship to Alaska to be worn in the Iditarod. Who will be wearing them......the pretty sled dogs of Karen Ramstead's North Wapiti Kennels. Alpine Outfitters is a proud sponsor of Karen Ramstead and her pretty, pure Siberian sled dogs. We are happy to provide her main string team with personalized collars for the amazing race they are about to embark on. We had the pleasure of spending a few days at Karen's kennel this past September. It was one of the most amazing and memorable trips we have ever been on. We had so much fun running our dogs with hers for miles on her amazing trails. It was truly a beautiful site to watch her teams perform. We'll be keeping a close eye on Karen and her pretty sled dogs and would also like to wish everyone else in the race, "GOOD LUCK" and "HAPPY TRAILS"!

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