Friday, November 23, 2012

Alpine Outfitters’ NEW "Ready-To-Go" Standard Size X-Back Harnesses – Available NOW for Immediate Shipment!

Standard-Size X-back from Alpine Outfitters!

For almost twenty-five years, we have been incredibly proud of our time-honored tradition of custom-crafting each of our harnesses to the specific measurements of your dog.

We do realize there are times when you simply can’t or don’t want to wait for a custom harness and now we have the perfect solution!  Alpine Outfitters’ NEW Standard Size Harnesses which are ready for immediate shipment!

Made with the same excellent quality and design Alpine Outfitters is known for, our new Standard Size Harnesses are designed in the ten most popular sizes and will fit most dogs.

If you own multiple dogs, sizing is made easy with our color-coded tug system for the various sizes:

18 x 26, LR 16 (black tug)
19 x 28, LR 17 (green/black tug)
20 x 28, LR 17 (green tug)
20 x 30, LR 18 (red/green tug)
22 x 29, LR 19 (red tug)
22 x 30, LR 19 (red/yellow braided tug)
22 x 32, LR 20 (yellow tug)
24 x 32, LR 20 (blue/yellow tug)
24 x 34, LR 22 (blue tug)
26 x 36, LR 22 (red/yellow striped tug)
I love my Standard-Size Harness!

Our Standard Size Harnesses have black webbing and come fully padded with brown Polartec fleece; just like our custom harnesses!   Reflective Tape is also a standard feature. 

With the running season upon us (yay!) we are so excited to now offer this immediate ship option to further enhance your Alpine Outfitters’ experience.   The Standard Size Harnesses can also be incorporated into our popular Ready-To-Go Starter Packages for sledding, scootering, carting, skijoring, canicross, and jogging!  

Happy trails!
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