Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Anti-Tangle Solution...The Scooter Noodle!

Have you ever experienced this scenario: You are scootering with your dogs and suddenly, one of them stops for an unknown reason. In that very instant, your scooter-line goes slack, then inconveniently wraps around your front tire! Darn it! We hate when this happens!

Alpine Outfitters' now has the perfect solution to help keep your scooter line away from your front wheel!

It's very easy to use; just run the scooter line through the Scooter Noodle. Nylon webbing clips around your handlebar. The Noodle suspends over your front tire and it is easily adjusted to your desired height and angle!

The Scooter Noodle is also a great solution bikejoring.  Fully compatible with all bike systems.

Available in bright colors for added safety: blue, orange, yellow and red.

Best yet!  The Scooter Noodle is on SALE through the end of the month!  25% off!

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